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As members of Women Entrepreneurs of America, our purpose is to pursue our entrepreneurial goals of starting and growing our businesses.  We believe our other purpose as WEA members is to help to grow the WEA legacy by inspiring, supporting, encouraging and mentoring other women entrepreneurs in whatever capacity necessary.  We do recognize and understand that as individuals we can and do effect change in many capacities, but as a collective, our impact in others? lives and our communities are that much more effective and impactful.


In order to continue this WEA legacy of effecting change and triggering a SHIFT among the organization; we need to bear in mind that our growth should take into consideration the myriad of women beyond our shores who can benefit largely in part to our WEA culture and overall organizational purpose in providing a support network for women entrepreneurs and our WEA HEROS alike. With that said, we would bring attention to our interest in establishing WEA INTERNATIONAL presence with WEA CARIBBEAN/ ST. LUCIA being the first chapter under that initiative.  I, Angel Regis have been speaking with a young entrepreneur from St. Lucia and of course needed to gauge some type of feedback regarding the establishment of a WEA organization among the local entrepreneurial communities: these particular young entrepreneurs was moved enough to ask to be counted in this initiative of a WEA CARIBBEAN / ST. LUCIA Chapter.  I did also ask to share the existence of WEA and provided information to share among their business alliances as well.

The emerging and growing businesses in St. Lucia can and will benefit immensely from such an important alliance with WEA National because now there will be a platform to continue the WEA legacy to empower communities and businesses while adopting programs that cater to the island?s immediate needs.

We have now added another International component and she comes from Barcelona, Spain.  Introducing to you, Carme Moreno, and she's an International Marketer and Brand Consultant.  The figure of Ambassador is to get together to create a more cohesive entrepreneurial community inside and outside the organization by implementing entrepreneurial needs to strengthen the community, serve as a liaison between those interested in starting and running a business and act as a resource for those in the community.  It is important to distribute information, resources and collective with various community stakeholders to provide relevant resources to those of interest. 

Represent the WEA Organization and its brand with the highest possible credibility from our own experience. Focus on building a strong network around the brand. Engage the community and continually make them feel part of the WEA family of our mark (get a clear sense of belonging in the entrepreneurial world of business.) As Ambassadors we will convey inspiration, and be inspiring for others the come involved, and for all potential members of WEA International.

And as very important figures, we are willing to serve and represent WEA International, but give prestige and value to the organization. As ambassadors besides being inspiring models, we have enough knowledge to help you be a good example to other inspired and dynamic women in business and help them achieve their entrepreneurial and professional goals.


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